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Easy Backlinks : Get Backlinks

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Easy Backlinks : Get BacklinksClick Image To Visit SiteAttention! Social media experts agree, if you want to be successful online: "You have to be everywhere!" but….

Dear Online Entrepreneurs, Social Media is the biggest thing ever. You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. Everywhere, it is: “Facebook this.” Twitter that”. YouTube is hot. And the latest social site is even hotter… It is a never ending list: LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Steemit, Snapchat, Digg…

Right now I want you to think about Facebook. It has 2 billion users. Of them, 1.1 billion are active on their Facebook mobile App every day. That is huge engagement.

As a successful entrepreneur, you probably look to Facebook to generate leads. And yes, it can be a good source of leads, but the brutal truth is: “Lead generation from Facebook is extremely difficult, time-consuming and a long term process”.

Face it. No one goes to Facebook looking to buy something. They are there to party, chat with their friends, laugh and socialize.

You are wasting a lot of time and money trying to get Facebook users to buy… It’s like trying to sell sand to Hawaiians. They are not interested.

If 20,000 people search for “Wooden Spoons” today and your site is ranked number one, you get 6,600 visitors.

However, look at what happens once you’re off the first page. Page One received 91.5% of the traffic. Page Three gets 1.1%. Now your traffic fire hose has slowed to a trickle…

On Page Optimization refers to the content you place on your web page, and includes, but is not limited to:

1) Heading Tags 2) Keywords and Keyword Density 3) Relevant content 4) Images 5) Embedded videos 6) Meta Tags 7) LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing (Don’t ask…) 8) And a few more factors…

A… Read more…

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